Production line of cheese balls snacks

How cheese balls snacks are made?

Cheese ball is grit based extruded product. The grit mixture is extruded to form balls, dried, seasoned and packages. The basic raw materials are corn grit and rice grit.The quantity of corn grit and rice grit mixed depends upon the quantity of cheese ball produced at each batch. If the quantity of cheese ball produced in more then the quantity of mixture should be more.

1  Grit mixing

Corn grit (150kg), rice grit (17kg) and water (5 liter) are mixed per batch for about 20-25 minutes in mixing through until the moisture content of the mixture becomes 12-13%.

2  Extrusion

The mixture is then extruded at a temperature around 600C at a speed of 300 rpm. Extruder machine consists of inner and outer barrel aligned in concentric between which the grit mixture is passed. from high pressure to atmospheric pressure. The grit mixture is cooked by the high temperature generated inside the barrel section due to continual forward movement of screw barrel. The cooked grit mixture is cut by high speed rotating blade. As a result of which, product gains its puffed spherical and definite shape.

extruder machine

Since the temperature of the extruder machine is higher so it needs to be cooled in order to protect the machine from wear and tear. To cool the machine to the normal temperature,water cooled system is provided. The cooled water circulates through the jacket of extruder machine. The circulated water becomes warm after the machine get to its normal temperature. The warm water again flow to the water cooling system i.e RAC and the cycle proceed in the same manner.


3  Drying

The drying of the extruded product is done in the dry drum. The dry drum has filament heating system aligned along the length of dry drum. The whole drum is revolved at fixed rpm which ensure the complete drying of the extruded product. The drying time for the extruded product is from 8-10 min per batch.

drying machine

The drying drum is connected by the belt mechanisam with the VFD motor. The rpm of the motor is set to 30 so that the drying process can be done effectively. The speed of the drum is the important parameter that needs to be consider for the effective and qualitative final product.

Also the temperature of the drying drum need to be consider.

The extruded products are then dried in drum dryer internally heated by heating coil whose inlet temperature is maintained at 110 0C and outlet temperature is maintained at 150 0C.

4  Seasoning

The dried balls are seasoned in a rotating drum. Cheese powder and oil are used in the seasoning drum. The seasoning drum has small pore through which the cheese powder and oil get sprayed .The temperature of the oil should be around 60 degree C in order to protect the cheese ball from discoloring.

seasoning machine

The spraying of the cheese powder and oil should be adjusted according to the rpm of the rotating seasoning drum. In the section the inspection of cheese ball is done where the color,weight dimension of each cheese ball is inspected. After inspection the products are the transferred for the packing purpose in the packing machine.


5  Ball Collection, Packaging, Taping

The seasoned balls are collected in bucket, fed in packaging machine, packed in plastic wrapper, batch coding ids done and filled in cartoon.

 After packing the packet of the cheese ball is taken to the quality control department where the properties of cheese ball is checked. The quality control comply either the final product has all the requirements of ISO 9001  or not. Before marketing it must meet all the requirements of ISO 9001.                                              

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