Lets Demystify Machine Learning: Demystifying machine learning

Demystifying machine learning

Machine learning is a trending topic these days.

And why won’t it be?

These day we can find the implementation of machine learning everywhere. There is tremendous development and research in the field of machine learning, data science, computer science.


  1. Microsoft’s Cortana – Machine Learning Implementation
  2. Object and Face Recognition – Machine Learning and Computer Vision implementation
  3. Advanced UX improvement programs – Machine Learning Implementation

The use of Machine Learning and Data Science in general is almost EVERYWHERE. It is as almighty as God himself.

Why? Yes because Data is everywhere, in every sector.

Now many questions come to our mind.

what is Machine Learning?

How big is Machine Learning?

Now let’s demystify Machine Learning in simple, once and for all.  To make you clear all we will understand it by examples approach so that it can be easy to understand.

Machine Learning : What is it really?

Well in simple language, Machine Learning is a part Artificial Intelligence (AI) which evolved from Pattern Recognition and Computational Learning theory. 

 “Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” According to Arthur Samuel

Simply it is the field of Computer Science and Artificial intelligence that performs its learning process from data without human intervention.

But in the real world scenario, whenever the word Machine Learning is thrown around, people they usually think of “Artificial Intelligence .” and “Neural Networks that can copycat Human brains as human does with human, Self Driving Cars and what not.

But ML is not up to here, it is far beyond that. Below we will uncover some expected real world examples and some generally not expected facets of Modern Computing where Machine Learning is in action.

Machine Learning: The Expected Real-World Examples

Below are the some places where machine learning can be applied

  1. Speech Recognition (Natural Language Processing)

speech recoganization-machine learnig

You might have seen Cortana on your windows devices. Do you kknow how does it understand what you say? Here comes the field of Natural Language processing in simple known as NLP. NLP deals with the study of interaction between the human being and the Machines via Linguistics.You talk to Cortana on Windows Devices means you are interacting with devices using some machine learning algorithm.

Guess the heart of Natural Language Processing: Machine Learning Algorithms and Systems  which is called Hidden Markov Models being one.

  1. Computer Vision:

    Computer Vision is also part of Artificial Intelligence which deals with interpretation of the Real World with machine learning algorithm. Lets clear with examples: Facial Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Character Recognition Techniques etc. Machine Learning is at the heart of Computer Vision because with machine learning algorithm computer vision task can’t be performed.

computer vision machine learning

  1. Google’s Self Driving Car

    : Google self driving car use machine learning algorithm, deep learning, computer vision to drive the vehicle without driver.

self driving car-machine learning

Machine Learning : The Unexpected

Now lets see some unexpected application of machine learning :

  1. Amazon’s Product Recommendations:

    Have you ever wondered how Amazon always recommend the products of your choice. It will mostly show you the products you wish to buy. Well, there comes the play of Machine Learning Algorithm(s) which is called “Recommender Systems” working in the backdrop. The algorithm learns every user’s personal preferences and makes recommendations according to their preference.

amazon-machine learning

  1. Youtube/Netflix :

    The same scenario happens in Youtube. When you search the videos of your choice, you might have noticed that same types videos being displayed to your Youtube.
  2. Data Mining / Big Data

    : This might not be so much of a surprise to many. But Data Mining and Big Data are just appearances of studying and learning from data at a huge scale. And wherever you want to access information from data, you’ll find the applications of Machine Learning.

amazon-machine learning

  1. Stock Market/Housing Finance/Real Estate:

    These sector use a lot of Machine Learning systems in order to better assess the market and advertise to drive more traffic. Namely “Regression Techniques”, of amchine learning is encapsulated for predicting the price of a House, to predicting and analyzing stock market trends.

Hence you might have seen now application of Machine Learning. ML actually is everywhere from Research and Development to improving business of Small Companies to space exploration. It is everywhere. 

So, this is for now. We will dive in the core section of machine learning in the upcoming tutorial. We will discuss about the tools that are used in the machine learning industry. Till then stay tuned with us.

Happy Coding!!!


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