How are potato chips made?

Potato chips production line

The 200 Kg/Hr. Potato Chip Frying System is designed to cook potato chip slices in cooking oil at a controlled temperature for a specified period in order to attain a high-quality product.

It begins with the raw product being positioned ready for disposing into the De-stoner Elevator using means or processes provided by the customer.

How are potato chips made?

This process description will detail the process through the following machines:

  1. Raw potato Weighing and Feeding
  2. Washing
  3. Peeling
  4. Trimming
  5. Slicing
  6. Blanching
  7. Frying
  8. Sorting and Inspection
  9. Seasoning Coating
  10. Packing

1.  Raw Potato Weighing and Feeding

Raw fresh potato of pure varieties, regular shape, free from mildew rot is selected from the store room. The raw potatoes should have the diameter of 50-70mm for the proper shape of the final product. These potatoes are feed into the feeding bucket type conveyer for washing purpose.

                     feeding conveyor             

2.  Washing

The roll case washing machine removes the dirt, sand from the raw potatoes before it pass to the abrasive peeler machine.

3.  Peeling

The washed potatoes are feed into the abrasive peeler machine with the help of vertical conveyer. The potatoes are loaded into a vertical helical screw conveyer which allows stones to fall down to the bottom and pushes the potatoes upside to a conveyer belt to the abrasive peeling machine.

peeling machine

Peeler machine is equipped with the soft brush disc and use the mechanical peel mode to remove the thin peel completely and efficiently. The soft brush disk is connected with the motor rotating at high rpm using the belt mechanism.


The washed potatoes of 30-40 kg are feed vertically in the peeler chamber. The peeling time is determined by the degree of freshness of the material and is usually 2-3 min. The peeling time should not be long because the over peeled potatoes increases the loss rate of the material. After they have been peeled, they are washed with the cold water.

4 . Trimming

Here the parts containing irregular shapes, buds, mildew etc that unfits for the human consumption are removed


5.  Slicing

The slicing section consists of two parts

  1. Bucket conveyer: The peeled and washed potatoes are transferred to the slicing machine with the help of bucket conveyer.
  2. Slicing Machine: The potatoes pass through a revolving impeller /blades that cuts them into paper-thin slices, between 0.066-0.072 in (1.7-1.85 mm) in thickness. Straight blades create regular chips while rippled blades create ridged potato chips.

The slices fall into a second cold-water wash that eradicate the starch released when the potatoes are cut.

                    slicing machine   

6.  Blanching

The potatoes slices should be immersed into the water to blanch in order to prevent from browning when it get in contact with air and wash away the free starch of the surface in order to prevents starch dissolving in the oil and shorten the life of the frying oil.

                      blanching machine

7 . Frying

The Fryer is the primary item of equipment in the system. It consists of a stainless steel pan that houses a Conveyor assembly.

A series of paddles, a Submerge Conveyor and a Drain Conveyor are mounted within the pan that houses on the pan on the assembly.

Raw product slices are transferred directly from the final Conveyor of the Washer Conditioner into the infeed of the Fryer where they ae initially conveyed by the flow of cooking oil entering the pan through the oil inlet.

The product is then carried into the cooking area contained under the Submerge conveyor. This belt holds the now buoyant product under the oil surface to complete the cooking process. The flighted belt also moves the product along the Fryer pan before releasing it onto the Drain Conveyor for removal from the Fryer.

frying machine

8.  Sorting and Inspection

The color protecting and potato chip dehydrating inspection should be made in order to protect the slices from discoloring by avoiding increase in the frying time and oil content in the final product.

9.  Seasoning coating

Now the fried potatoes are feed in the seasoning coating drum where the oil is spread at the constant speed. The oil temperature in this section should be at 180 – 200 degree C. The palm oil is used in the coating process since it has good stability and long service life.

10. Packing Machine

The product from the seasoning coating is now feed into the packing machine with the help of bucket conveyor.

packing machine

                     Working of Packing Machine

The packing machine basically consists of

  1. Long Sealer
  2. End Sealer
  3. Photo Sensor
  4. Solenoid valve
  5. Limit Switch
  6. Vibrator condition
  7. Motor
  8. Electrical control panel

Potato chips manufacturing process flow chart

Potato chips manufacturing process flow chart


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